Web Design for Gaming Communities


AT SLAYER develops and designs websites for gamers who want to take their community to the next level. Let me empower your community with a strong design and powerful web applications. Here is a quick summary of the answers you are looking for:
  • I am fine to work with a CMS (i.e wordpress,xenforo,enjin) whether it be for a theme or web application (add-on, plugin,module)
  • Small web application projects are also welcome
  • Voice discussions and project management applications are utilized in all projects (no long email threads)
  • I give clients an emergency contact and stay on as their web developer post-launch
  • I have a long history working with gaming communities, I have deep knowledge of gamer culture.
  • I have worked with several reliable artists that are more than capable of producing artwork and logos for your site. I can refer these artists to you upon request.